About The Prairie Sage

Hey there, friends! ☺️
Welcome to The Prairie Sage Canning Company. After a near brush with death from health complications, I was sent home, ultimately, to recover in the comfort of my own home. During this down time, I turned to food to keep myself busy and my mind occupied on the brighter side of things. While I regained my health and my strength grew, so did my love for the culinary arts. Over the year, I began to share my homemade goods with friends and family- to my excitement, it was a hit among all who sampled. Now I would like to share with anyone and everyone who would like to support me on this new endeavor.
In the future months, you will find me at local farmers markets and various pop up events. Here I will keep you posted on where exactly you can find me next, new products I will be releasing, and all my food related content. ☺️♥️
Stay hungry.
-McKenzie Schmitz