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The Prairie Sage Canning Company

Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold

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Liquid Gold!
A high commodity in the canning world! This is purely the syrup that the jalapeños simmer in to make my Cowboy Candy!
This delicious syrup is used in many ways:
▪️ Drizzle over pizza
▪️ Add a sweet and spicy kick to your stir fry
▪️ Make a spicy margarita
▪️ Add on top of meat such as steak or chicken
▪️ Add to tuna or chicken salad
▪️ On bagel or crackers with cream cheese
▪️ Use it to make spicy coleslaw
▪️ Mix with ketchup for your burgers, meatloaf or french fries
▪️ Add whole and peeled hard-boiled eggs in the jar of syrup and keep in fridge
▪️ Mix a little bit in mayonnaise for use on sandwiches
▪️ Use it as a delicious meat marinade

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